Swiss Machining

The Swiss machining capabilities of Machine Tech showcase one of the most precise machines for small part production: OmniTurn GT 75, which can hold extremely tight tolerances. From threading to milling, our state of the art CNC turning centers enable us to manufacture very complex parts, with shorter lead time, with production or prototype size lots. Our OmniTurn GT-75, equipped with bar feeds, provides the speed of a screw machine with CNC accuracy, so complex drilling and tapping can be done with ease. The OmniTurn can churn out parts that need milling and threading, so whether you have a unique screw, bolt, or rivet, this machine can accomplish the job with 3-axis machining. This machine accommodates part sizes .125” x 1.5” dia x 1” long.


CHUCK SIZE:  1.125″


PART SIZED:  1.125” x  1.5” dia x 1” long

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OmniTurn GT75 Series 3 Pin Machine


  • Screws
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