We are all about values and perfection.

Here at Machine Tech, we place a high priority on communication with our customers – making sure that you are always aware of the status of your job. Every order we receive is logged into our Scheduling and Tracking system, and we then coordinate the production sequence with our Plant Manager. This allows us to identify the projected Completion Date and Shipping Date. The process gives us the ability to answer your questions at any time, as to the delivery status of your order. It also allows us to review “Rush” orders in a manner that will not cause delays in other orders.


We know communication and on-time delivery is of prime importance to you, and we give it our top priority. We ensure that the product specification is reviewed on every order we receive and any questions or conflicts are resolved “right up front”.   We monitor the quality of each job at every stage of production and conduct an extensive final quality check, before releasing it for shipment. Every employee in the company understands that Quality Comes First at Machine Tech, Inc.

Machine Tech Inc. means – “Done Right”


We have been making pristine quality parts for over 12 years and counting!

We are all about QUALITY CONTROL

At our recently expanded 25,000 square foot facility in Houma, LA, Machine Tech creates more than 30,000 parts from over 3,000 unique designs. And, because of our quality assurance procedures, Machine Tech enjoys a .0001 percent rejection rate. Once an order is received, all dimensions for the part are painstakingly checked and double-checked. The machine is then calibrated to exacting standards, and the calibrations are confirmed prior to the work commencing. After the part has been manufactured, the Quality Assurance Department undertakes exacting measurement and calibration of every aspect of the part utilizing the exact same gauges that the client will themselves use.


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The Industries We Work In…

  • Defense

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Forest Products

  • Transit Agencies /        Transportation

  • Contract    Manufacturing

  • High Tech

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Glass / Windows

  • Winemaking

  • Recreation

  • Heating, Ventilation
    & Air

  • Machine Tool

  • Medical

  • Military/Mil-Spec

  • Robotic

  • Marine

  • Aerospace